Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5-11-10 play list

More of a jazz experimental, funky tranced out show than is usual as of late, this night. ..and another Elephant set within, this one unrelated to King Crimson :-)
Thanks to HeartTone for reminding me of this Jack DeJohnette Bill Frisell album.

I'll be filling in for the good Dr. T J Hokum this Saturday afternoon and presenting the Audiological Phantasmagoria from 1 to 3pm. Two hours of 20's and 30's swing, jump blues and choice elixirs to put a bounce in your step!

5-11-10 playlist

  • Jack DeJohnette/Bill Frisell = Cat and Mouse = Elephant sleeps but still remembers = Kindred Rhythm.
  • The Nels Cline Singers = Floored = initiate = cryptogramophone.
  • Nels Cline = Epiphyllum = Coward = cryptogramophone.
  • Miguel Kertsman = Matsers of Vega = Time?What’s Time? = Aurua.
  • DJ Frane = the day the listeners came = Journey to the land of Birds = self release.
  • The Nels Cline Singers = Red Line to Greenland = initiate = cryptogramaphone.
  • Jack DeJohnette/Bill Frisell = Entrances Androids = the elephant sleeps but still remembers = kindred rhythm.
  • Mushroom = Jerry Rubin: he ain’t heavy he’s my brother = Naked, Stoned & Stabbed = 4Zero rec.
  • Mushroom = All the guitar players around Sean Smith say he’s got it coming but he gets it while he can = Naked, Stoned & Stabbed = 4Zero.
  • The Buddha Magoo = Point of You = EP = Sleepy Town.
--------elephants again------------------------------
  • Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra = Elephant Road = Elephant Road = Looping.
  • Bell Orchestre = elephants = As seen through windows = Arts and Crafts.
  • Jack DeJohnette/Bill Frisell =The Elephant sleeps but still remembers = Elephant sleeps but still remembers = Kindred Rhythm.
  • Joan Schumann = Walking in Bad Circles = Deep Wireless 2 radio art compilation = New Adventures in sound art.
  • Lena Horne = Where or When = You’re My Thrill =past perfect.
  • Computer vs. Banjo = Give up on Ghosts = Computer vs. Banjo = Diagram rec.
  • High Pink Clouds = sleeping = the cow w/the window in it’s stomach = self release.
  • Sarah Boothroyd = Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain = Deep Wireless 4 radio art compilation = new adventures in sound art.
  • Caribou = Jamelia = Swim = Merge.
  • Ulaan Khol = track #4 = III = soft abuse.

I've become aware of the lack of experimental shows on kaos these days. I know that programing on this station changes with the tide and the school year but there used to be more freeform and out there programing in years past. Perhaps the time for those sort of radio experiments has come and gone or maybe there will be a resurgence in the future, I can't say. Is there anyone else out there who misses totally off the wall quirkiness coming out of there radio sometimes?


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