Thursday, March 08, 2007

now a word from the swami

Swami Beyondananda’s
2007 State of the Universe Address

Humanifest Destiny
From Survival of the Fittest to
Thrival of the Fittingest

Note. This year, the Swami insisted on delivering the State of the Universe Address on February 2nd, Ground Hog Day because “it’s the closest anyone comes to seeing their shadow all year.” Said the Swami, “Look at us. America is the most heavily armed country in the world, and still we’re afraid of our own shadow. We seem stuck in a state of emergency, so we must declare a state of ‘emerge ‘n see’ instead. Like the ground hog, we must emerge from our separate little holes and see we are all in this together. And we must see our shadow -- otherwise, we’re in for another long season of darkness. We must laugh at the shadow as well. I call on everyone to shine the light of laughter on the endarkened corridors of power, because there’s definitely something funny going on. May we wake up laughing and leave laughter in our wake.”

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