Monday, March 19, 2007

a new week

Hi all!
Thanks for dropping by. It's a brand new week here at the
Dancing in Circles World Headquarters. I'm looking at life with all of my eyes open again. I've actually had a good amount of sleep for a few nights in a row, what a change that can make.

This week's KAOSinWONDERLAND theme will be snakes. As the erroneous legend has it Saint Patrick is responsible for chasing all the snakes from Ireland, which since there is no record of snakes
ever being in Ireland, is quite an accomplishment. Of course the 'snakes' referred to were probably the Pagans that acknowledged the nature spirits and they were chased underground and/or off the island so I'm assuming many of them ended up eventually here in the 'New World'. But for the sake of simplicity, celebrating with Snake Songs will do for a theme.

Got any favorite snake songs you want to hear? Contact me at

or call Tuesday night around 11pm 360 867 5267 with your requests!

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