Sunday, January 29, 2017

a few thoughts

Still can't believe they thought Republicans and Democrats were criminals so they chose to put the super rich, evil corp fascist in charge.

As is stands, the Twittler and his Hufflumps are deliberately attempting to rip up this nation. I think we, the actual people, have the responsibility to not only resist but actively respond.

Emotions are beginning to rise to dangerous levels very quickly. Since any violence will be an excuse for over reaction by law enforcement. As much as possible we must be strategic and peaceful.
I suspect Mr.Twittler's crew will keep pushing the nation toward revolution by their actions. These semi-united states may truly be in danger of falling apart unless people are truly committed to the idea of holding us together as one nation. The choice of striving to reconcile this rift must be re-established over and over again.

I believe this struggle will come to a head before the summer. We MUST remove this man from office and soon.

Oh, and also,
This week's theme set will be "1984" in memory of John Hurt.

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