Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5-22-12 play list Trains

Tue May 22nd 2012 9.00pm–11.00pm
R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music.
Time zone: Pacific

 The Lonesome Organist “King of the Rail Model 1895 Trainset”
from Collector of Cactus Echo Bags Album (Thrill Jockey 1997)

Osibisa “ONE LIFE”
from Osee Yee Album (Golden Stool 2009)

Robert Vincs “The Trainman”
from Devic Kingdom Album (Extreme 2007)

Ryuichi Sakamoto “Seven Samari”
from Bricolages Album (KAB america 2005)

Baby Gramps & his Backswamp Potioners “Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid”
from Baptized on Swamp Water Album (Grampophone 2006)

Manhatta “Luminous Flowers”
from Luminous Flowers - Single Single (Cinematelier 2012) 

The Little Boy Blues “The Great Train Robbery.”
from In the Woodland of Weir Album (acid symposium 2001) —originally released in 1967 on Ronko

John Mayall “Ain't No Brakeman”
from Spinning Coin Album (Silvertone 1995)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse “Southern Pacific”
from Reactor Album (Reprise 1981)

Appletree Theatre “E Train”
from Playback Album (Verve Forecast 1968)

Bob Dylan “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry”
from Highway 61 Revisited Album (Columbia 2004) —originally released in 1965

Eels “Railroad Man (Live)”
from With Strings - Live At Town Hall Album (Vagrant Records 2006)

Faun Fables “TRAIN”
from Mother Twilight Album (earthlight 2001)

Taj Mahal “Linin' Track”
from Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home Album (Columbia 1969)

Bill Nelson “Train With Fins”
from Atom Shop Album (Discipline 1998)

Leila “Ur Train (feat. Luca Santucci)”
from Blood, Looms & Blooms Album (Warp Records 2008)

Levon Helm “A Train Robbery”
from Dirt Farmer Album (Vanguard 2007)

Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden “Train”
from Bella Neurox Album (Win 1999)

Knitting By Twilight “Rainy Day Trains”
from Weathering Album (it's Twilight Time 2011)

Bill Nelson “Dreams run Wild on Ghost Train Tracks”
from Orpheus in Ultraland Album (discs of ancient Odeon 2005)

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