Saturday, April 28, 2012

thank you Olympia

I’m persisting to be reclusive and I have very many things I would like to do,  I wish I were an active participant in but also stresses and distresses that govern where I actually commit my energies. That being said, there are some changes I want to make in how I prioritize my time. 

Whatever!  Damn!  I wanted to be more places today !

I wanted to be at the procession today but just had too much else to do to get downtown. 
I'm so glad Olympia carries on without me :)

but wait there's more..
I got to spend some time with Boh, Ceceilia and Elijah and bring home chickens, make them a place in the chicken shack and begin to gather music for next weeks show on May 1st, International Workers Day!

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