Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-13-12 playlist celebrating women's history month

In the middle of Women's History month I've begun focusing on some of most dynamic and influential women's voices and song makers of my life.The list is long and I won't get to all of them but here are a few and next week we'll continue with the same theme and see how many I can fit into the show.

Tue Mar 13th 2012 9.00pm–11.00pm
R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music.
Time zone: Pacific

Toni Childs “Woom”
from The Woman's Boat Album (Geffen Records 1994)

Joanne Shenandoah “Heartbeat”
from Eagle Cries Album (Red Feather 2001)

Michelle Shocked “Joy   ”
from Deep Natural Album (Mighty Sound 2002)

Michelle Shocked “What Can I Say”
from Deep Natural Album (Mighty Sound 2002)

Janis Joplin “Mary Jane”
from Janis Album (Columbia 1990)

The Gossip “ain't it the truth”
from arkansas heat Album (K) L

Romanteek “Not Complaining”
from B_Sides Album (fantasteek 2012) L

Ani Di Franco “Evolve” from Evolve Album (Righteous Babe)
Neko Case “Favorite”
from The Tigers Have Spoken Album (Anti/Epitaph 2004)

Dolly Pardon “Where Do The Children Play”
from Those were the days Album (Sugarhill 2005)

Lena Horne “ILL Wind”
from You're My Thrill Album (Mocking bird)

Cyclopsycho “Womanifest”
from the voice within my voice Album (self released)

Sarah Boothroyd “Some Sort of Dark Force”
from Deep Wireless 3 Comp (new adventures in sound art 2006)

Kate Bush “There Goes a Tenner”
from The Dreaming Album (Capitol 1990)

Yoko Ono & le Tigre “Sisters O Sisters”
from Yes, I'm a Witch Album (Capitol 2007)

Bourbon Princess “Supergirl's Complaint”
from Dark of Days Album (Accurate Records 2005)

Dalbello “Cardinal Sin”
from WhoManFourSays Album (EMI int 1997)

Suzanne Ciani “Paris 1971”
from Lixiviation Album (Finders Keepers Records 2012) 

Yoko Ono with Cat Power “Revelation”
from Yes, I'm a Witch Album (Capitol 2007)

Sweet Honey In the Rock “Counting In Swahili”
from I Got Shoes Album (MFLP 2006)

Kate Bush “Eat the Music”
from The Red Shoes Album (sony 1993)

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