Sunday, January 08, 2012

moon glasses

… a drawing of someone
Opening umbrellas inside because it’s cloudy outside.
Drinking Gin at midnight when one must go to work at 7am.
Breathing slowly under stress of heavy loads.
Painfully aware of knees and getting older.
Directions are written for actors who need to be directed.
Somewhere there is a camera running.
Someday all of this will come together and make sense.
And after that nothing will matter.
But right now..
The Moon is too bright,
We need moonglasses.

A lack of certainty about direction and purpose has crept into the scene.
Where once was a road filled with futures now looks all hazy and the ground seems soft and spongy.
Full moon shines down and here we are again. Hopeful and longing for something but still blessed in love.

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