Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10-11-11 play list College Radio Day

10-11-11 play list

a nostalgic trip through some kaos programs from the past 7 years including DJ segments from Curious Blue, Dark Woods Casino Party, The Shrug Festival, Radio 8 Ball, Free Things Are Cool, Glaskarten, Bundle of Joy, What's New Pussycat, Hello Olympia and more.

Recent releases, cd give aways!

And the beginning of the fall membership week.
I'm going to renew my membership to kaos this week!

Please pledge your support by calling 360 867 5267 or go to and sign up or renew your membership today. You'll be glad you did.

This show was a frakin' blast to do! Thanks for your support.

I'm still not finished sorting out the details of what I played but this is most of it.

  • Jonathan Richman =Party in the Woods tonight = Back in your life = castle music.(from Dark woods Casino Party)
  • Senior Coconut = yellow magic = Yellow fever =essay.
  • Clap your hands say yeah = Maniac = Hysterical = cyhsy inc.
  • Gryphon Labs = Manjula =Modern Mythology= R cole music.
  • Cassette boy = chicken cake? = the parker tapes =spymania. (from Curious Blue)

  • Hedvig Mollestad Trio = Gun & the e-kid = Shoot =rune gramofon.
  • Listen with Sara = My Little Hula girl (www mix) = cherry aide.(from Dark Woods Casino Party)

  • Paul Plagens and Scott Taylor = I Like Elephants = live on Free things are Cool KAOS radio.
  • Paul Plagens and Scott Taylor = Wonderful Dead Guy = live on Free things are Cool KAOS radio.
  • Willy Wisely = National counsel of Jewish Women’s thrift stores = Live on Radio 8 Ball show KAOS radio.

  • Dum Dum Girls= Bedroom Eyes = Only in Dreams =sub pop.
  • Les Claypool = Mushroom Men = of Fungi and Foe = prawnsong.
  • Leaf hound = Growers of Mushroom = growers of Mushroom =repertiore.
  • Arrington de Dionyso = Venerate Decay = Orga ar = self release.
  • Tricky Pixie = the Mushroom song = Mythcreants = self release.

  • Letters = Rare Beast = all the adventures to see them I will = yoyo.
  • Icarus Himself = Halfmoon eyes = Career culture = science of sound.
  • Gryphon Labs = the Moon’s answer = Modern Mythology = R cole music.

  • Lawrence = Teaser = Teaser = kompakt.(from Curious Blue)
  • Sharp Three = Reflections of my Blue = Sharp three = onigawara.
  • Matt/Morgan band = En Schizefrens Dogbok = Live = Cuneiform .
  • Bikini Kill = I hate Danger = 7” single = kill rock stars. (from What's New Pussycat)
  • Bozo Porno Circus =release the kraken= Degenerate = underground inc. (from Glaskarten)
  • Momus = Everyone I've ever slept with = little red songbook= le Grand Magistery.(from the Shrug Festival)

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