Saturday, June 18, 2011

New things and Thank You's

There's a great new show on KAOS called The Junglee Hour presenting delicious Bollywood and Indian/Pakistani music with Sy Khan on the air Saturday form 4 till 6 pm (Pacific Time).

Thanks You KaoS!

The Storage shed I built is now being filled as planned! One More project off the list.

thank you Pete.

My Workplace has gotten quite busy and again this week and I need the money so that's good.
The weather is warming and things are growing.
This week's show will be on the Summer Solstice!

Thank you Earth/Sol/Luna/O nameless one.

This week's show falls on the Summer Solstice 10:16 pacific time Tuesday Morning. So by 9pm we'll be just starting the shortest night of the year....->

Hope you'll join me in celebration on the radio!

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