Sunday, April 17, 2011

todays thoughts

I’ve been hosting a show on KAOS for nearly six years now and the station has gone through a lot of changes in that time. Dozens of shows have come and gone. Dozens of DJ’s have passed music and informational broadcasts through the airwaves. The station has moved physically two times and had a variety of Music Directors and two different Operating Managers. The landscape of radio broadcasting has been going thru some fairly major changes too. Music has been shifting to more web based downloads and storage devices have changed considerably over these years. Thousands and thousands of cd’s have passed through the shelves of the station.

I’ve learned some things. I’ve gotten more confident, more skilled and more comfortable at the mic even though at times I still feel shaky and unworthy, slow and inferior. ((my editor tells me don't ever let them see your self doubts...but I say shove off! This is My Blog!))

How I might make the time I spend on the air more valuable to the listeners is what I’m attempting to get to. How to bring more value to you so you feel there is a reason to turn your radio on and be a part of the show, become engaged in the conversation so to speak. When people feel they can have a voice and can effect the direction of what all of the listeners hear it can only be better. That is what I would like to see happening more.

........more to come...
stay tuned :)


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