Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bits of history

It's Tuesday morning and I'm beginning to formulate a plan for tonight's program.

It's the anniversary of the Apollo 16 (the 5th mission to land on the moon) return to earth in 1972 and the 1961 launch of NASA's Explorer 11 satellite.

In 1981 on this day Xerox introduced the computer mouse!

Also a 1978 Nuclear accident at Willow Island, W. Virginia which killed 51 people.

and in 1989 students in Beijing took over Tienanmen Square .

on April 28th 1969 King Crimson debut with Greg Lake, Ian McDonald, Michael Giles, Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield. We all know this album and I'm going to play something from it tonight.

Then some songs of UFO encounters and more delightful trippiness! And maybe get serious too 8-\ !


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