Friday, March 12, 2010

Rare and Endangered Radio

Rejoice in Eleven Hundred Watts of shear eclectic community joy!

is a truly free form, non commercial, independent radio station. We are volunteer operated and depend on community support to bring music and public affairs information to the Public Airwaves.
Each dj's makes all content decisions about their own show and that means we are not beholden to any top down music director or corporate sponsor. We each try to make programs that expose the listeners to interesting music rarely heard on the radio anywhere in a context that is entertaining, enjoyable or just
rocks! :)

It's becoming more and more difficult to bring in funding for this sort of community service and I want to inspire those who do support it in theory or in practice to go the next step and contribute to the station.

Community voices on the air. Real people with real, important contributions to make.
You are able to hear this only because people have supported this station for the last 38 years in many ways. Things have changed a lot in those years and media is now more complicated and more big business than ever.

KAOS is perhaps the only station that still gives free training to community members who want to put a show on the air!

more to come....please stay tuned....


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