Thursday, December 03, 2009

wrapping up the year

Here we are, coming upon the end of the year, only 4 more editions of Dancing in Circles before 2010.

(I just realized that the last day of the month there will be a Blue Moon!)

Next week, Dec 8th, will be an All Dreamsville show, which means I’m going to broadcast songs by artists I’ve connected with thru , a Bill Nelson fans forum site.
A smattering of quite talented artists submitting tracks, sometimes collaborating with each other to make the music, all brought together by an interest in Bill’s music. I’ve played a number of these tunes over the last 3 years but thought I’d devote a whole show to them this time. All self released, independent artists, mostly submitting their work for free downloads.

Then the 15th will be a preparation for the holidays/solstice/turning show and perhaps Archery as well -> (Sagittarius)

On the 22nd I’ll focus on the winter solstice, but I haven’t determined more than that.

The December 29th show will be a BLUE MOON/best of the year show.

As always I appreciate your input, ideas ( ..& cookies if you got um ;-).. email me.

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