Sunday, June 07, 2009

some thoughts and bunch of thank U's

It's been a very long time since I've added anything here but playlists and minor notes about the show and now seems to be a good time to go in this direction.

First of all I'm very happy and proud to be a contributer and volunteer here on KAOS. It's an honor to be on the airwaves and casting across the WWW because of this local community resource , kaos.

For the last four years I've been working on presenting a program which as a listener, I would like to hear in the middle of the night on a Tuesday.

Inspired in many ways by other kaos personalities ( Paul Pearson) and his eclectic program ( the Shrug Festival) which used to occupy this time slot, and by Music From the Underground with dj Martha Copeland, also by Dark Woods Casino Party (Dominica Clark) , Free things are Cool ( Diana Arens)( Brooks Martin) Bundle of Joy (Phan Nguyen) Ooo00-0-o-o(Jenny Jenkins) and many more great people and programs I've heard here at , this show has been and continues to be, a wonderful learning experience. I'm feeling very grateful.
Sadly, some of those shows and people are no longer on kaos, but I'm so glad they were.

Many more really good things keep cropping up on this station too and that continues to make me happy.

In the recent move we have undertaken, I'm discovering more, the underlying strength of this communal project and gaining a deeper insight into what keeps this family strong. Big thanks to those who volunteered to physically move the station and have been setting it up again so well. Thanks Nicki!

Thanks to Jerry for not going completely insane during the process.
It's still a work in progress and it seems the work never ceases, I guess thats a good thing :)

Thanks Mick!!!!!!

&....Thanks to all of you for your continuing commitment and energetic support of this local station.

wow, that's enough of that for now.

I continue to look for more inspired ideas for kaos in wonderland themes. Your help is always useful in that.

email me.

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