Sunday, March 09, 2008

what's to become of kaos?

So, we have struggled thru another kaos membership drive and it's been a rough one.

Maybe 35 years is all we get. Should we give up and let Clear Channel take over?

Ok, no we're not going away but with the changing media landscape we must look forward.
What do you think? How can we keep independent radio alive? Do enough people care?

Certainly some devoted citizens do but it seems we may be too few at this point to carry on as we have, so what is the next phase of funding for local community radio?

Unlike parking services, who charge you upfront for the privilege of using their space and services, and who, if you don’t pay, will write you a ticket and make you pay more, we ask you to voluntarily recognize that we provide you with valuable information and entertainment and hope that you will volunteer to help keep that coming your way, for you and the rest of the community by making a pledge of monetary support toward the radio station.

I know some people hate to hear us seemingly begging and pleading for your involvement in this process, but we really need to be able to show we have listeners and there's no other way for us to show that in radio without your direct support. We can't monitor your radios and know who's listening. (unlike the web!)

If you have thoughts on this please respond, I really want to know where you think we should go next. How should KAOS proceed as a community station?

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