Thursday, February 21, 2008

random Feb. bloggage

Tomorrow is TripleDogDare rehearsal day. (still ambivalent about that name)
Pete has been in contact with Moon from The Matrix about setting up a gig. Scheduling 2 bands/ containing 7 guys with work and life schedules is more complicated than we wish it were.
It’s looking like it won’t be till May sometime now. We won’t know for another week since Pete left for Arizona Tuesday. I’m hopeful that all these little setbacks are for a good reason and when the show finally happens that it is gratifying.
We'll need to assemble more Virtual Radio cd’s and I'm going to put together a limited edition jam disc too. Say 12 copies or so. 

Michael’s laptop crashed last week and he’s lost a bunch of work from the last couple months. That also probably means we won’t be uploading much more to the Dreamtime in Dreamsville project before the deadline on the 29th. I haven’t been able to bring myself to focus on recording my Fever Dream song anyhow. Too many distractions and other projects that need to be attended to. Many others that I haven’t yet gotten to as well. Car issues, job issues, pottery, house and garden need work, etc. etc.

Next weekend we’re going to Leavenworth with my parents for a couple of days too.

That’ll do it for this random entry. I guess this was a crossover entry fusing my tripledogdare self with my dancingincircles and personal blogs. But...What the Hell. I can't keep it all separated in my brain either.

Next week’s KAOSINWONDERLAND theme is percolating in the other room. Tell ya bout it next time.

Ok, I'll tell ya now...
Welcome to "Pisces" .

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