Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Tuesday's theme

The media has been hyping up the "Super Tuesday" shoobee doowah , OK. And then there's Carnival which is a traditional focus of this day and has been the theme for a number of shows over the last couple days on kaos and other stations and I thought I could do something more with that, but then... I heard a news story about New Orleans being so very high in violence and murders over the last couple years and that brought me to thinking about "Guns".

'Ah.. there's a
theme for the KAOSinWONDERLAND segment of the program tonight' I thought.

There is no shortage of songs about guns and violence in this gun crazy country and world so I'll go there and I'll just try to limit it to less than an hour.!!#*? maybe.

Please shoot your suggestions to me at kaosinwonderland@yahoo.com or give me a call during the show 360- 867- 5267. I promise to do my best to put your ideas on the air.

...or hold your fire and just listen :-o at midnight.

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