Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday night

I think I've got it set up the way I want it for now. New blog colors etc.

On the 25th, Dancing in Circles will feature a set of music I've not tried before. I've been involved in co counseling for a couple years now and in the process of understanding myself past/present and confronting a number of issues that I and many other men/women face in trying to cope with difficulties in growing up and learning to think more clearly in any situation we are faced with. So this set, during the 'Kaos In Wonderland' segment, will focus on songs that tell a little of what has come up for me in the process of counseling. I'll call it My Adventures in Human Counseling for now. It'll be a bit personal ad subjective but you may enjoy the music too.

And don't forget the KAOS pledge drive will be starting Wednesday. Some new and good deals coming your way.

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