Sunday, June 03, 2007

pix from the kaos awards

Some photo highlights of the kaos awards banquet June 3 2007

Some suspicious suspects gathered around the table before feasting.

shhh-- this sh.t is secret. Don't let it out.
(be vewy vewy kwyett)

Aerick and Domenica know(but they're not telling)

Tammy and Merwyn before hearing Think Tank was voted best show of the year!

Evan and Melissa.

Does anyone know how to make this thing stop buzzing?

Jerry presents Preston 10 years worth of thank youz!

Chalen gets Substitute programmer of the year award for all her fill in shifts!

Seriously folks, what about about all this Jazz! Ouch!
The listeners have spoken through the tongues of Deb.

Mr. Badger the human jukebox.

Fred the human Beat box!

Rockin' John Moon plays a tune.

Dueling photographers in the house of kaos.

and that about wraps it up for this event.

It was great to see some of the other kaos faces.
Heard that almost all the beer got drunk/(drank?) this year.
I know I had my share and someone else's too.

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