Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6-26-07 playlist

6-26-07 playlist

A schizophrenic sort of show tonight (a bit more so than usual) I could not stick to a groove if you paid me to this evening. (not that anyone has offered) Felt like someone dipped me in glue & rolled me through a library of songs. These were the ones that stuck.
(Hmm, now I'm thinkin' that might be a good idea for my next random show of random circle dancing kaos!)

Taraf de Haidouks = a Stork Crosses the Danube = 20 Way’s to Float Thru Walls – crammed discs.

Raquy & the Cavemen = Very Short Belly Dance Drum Solo = Naked – Meef rec.
King Crimson = The Sheltering Sky = Discipline – discipline rec.
Califone = the Eye You Lost in the Crusades = Roots and Crowns – thrill jockey.
Small Sails = this Flimsy Traveling Machine = Similar Anniversaries- other electricities.

Rasputina = Draconian Crackdown = Oh Perilous World – Filthy Bonnet .
Thou Shalt Not = When Everyone Forgot = Neil Gaiman,where’s Neil when you need him- dancing ferret rec.
Fatboy Fat = 3 in1 (mp3) = Lucky Sevens – .
Yoko Ono/felix da housecat = Walking on Thin Ice = Open Your Box – astralwerks.
The Nels Cline Singers = An Evening at the Pops = Draw Breath – cryto gramophone.

12am (Car time)
Little Bears from Bangkok = Car Buyin’ Time again = Best of Sub Pop 7 – sub pop.
Zappa = Bored out 90 over = Lumpy Gravy – ryko disc.
Marc Bolan & T Rex = Jeepster = Spaceball – New Millenium Communications ltd.
Todd Rundgren = Emperor of the Highway = The Tortured Artist Effect - bearsville .
Primal Scream = Autobahn 66 = Evil Heat – Sony.
Mott the Hoople = No Wheels to Ride = Mad Shadows – atlantic.
Leon Russell = Magic Mirror = Carney – the Right Stuff.
Coyote Poets = the Dream Car we Drove West = Movin’ to the Moment – square shaped rec.

Fractured Beauty = Crystal Kisses (mp3) = .
Dommm = With a Statue = Yoloxochit – Young Cubs.
Rasputina = a Retinue of Moons/The Infidel is Me = Oh Perilous World – filthy bonnet.

Ulrich Schnauss = Gone Forever = Quicksand Memory ep – domino rec.
Dielectric Field recording allstars = Rainmaker = RE:record – dielectric rec.

Umm,,, maybe it wasn't so bad after all. ( but maybe it was 8-] )

Next week will be the Birthday Show celebrating mine, my grand daughter, the nation, and all other loony Moon Children's birthday's.

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