Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5-15-07 playlist

5-15-07 playlist

!!! = Yadnus = Myth Takes – warp rec.
Dungen = Mon Amour = Tio Bitar – kemado rec.
The Boggs = So I So You = Forts – gigantic music.
Maserati = This is the sight we had…= Inventions for the New Season- temporary residence LTD.

Daryll Dobson = Where is Rael = Reality Check – solar guitars.
Bill Nelson = Daily Bells = the Two-fold aspect of Everything – cocteau rec.
The Electric Prunes = Innerlight Transcendence = Feedback – prune twang rec.
Grinderman= Electric Alice = Grinderman - Anti-.

Anthony Phillips = Harmonium in the Dust = private parts and pieces- passport rec.
Anthony Phillips =Tregenna Afternoons= Private Parts & Pieces -passport rec.

Mother Gong = In the Beginning = the Fox Lies Down – Cleopatra rec.
Steve Hackett = a Tower Struck Down = Voyage of the Acolyte – charisma.

Giraffe = In the Cage = Live Progfest ’94 – mp3
Giraffe = the Grand Parade = Live Progfest ‘ 94- mp3
Kevin Gilbert = Back in NYC = Suppers Ready – magna carta rec.
John Goodsall & Michael Zentnar = Carpet Crawlers = Magna Carta rec.
Architectural Metaphor = the Waiting Room = the Fox Lies Down – Cleopatra rec.
Steve Hackett = the Waiting Room = Watcher of the Skies – Guardian rec.
Giraffe = In theRapids = Live Progfest ‘ 94- mp3
Genesis = It = the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway = ATCO.

Genesis = the Return of the Giant Hogweed = Live – Charisma.

There's so much I didn't get to it's ridiculous! I still haven't figured out how to squeeze 4 hours of music into a 2 hour show. (even with shoehorn and a trash compactor.) Also discovered that the cd drive on the air studio computer has been removed so I had to play my
mp3 disc from the new console cd unit but it doesn't let a person easily view tracks or remaining time and it took a lot to find the tracks I needed. I managed to work it out but it was not very convenient. Thanks again for the calls.

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