Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5-1-07 playlist

5-1-07 playlist

Gaia Consort = Night Waits / Change the Way Things Are = Evolve – suddenly naked arts collective.
Patti Smith = Gimme Shelter = twelve – Columbia.
Utah Phillips/Ani di Franco = Enormously Wealthy = the Past Didn’t go anywhere – righteous babe rec.
Robin Scott = Mayday = Official Secrets Act – Westside rec.
Woody Guthrie = Farm Labor Train = Long Ways to Travel – Smithsonian folkways.
Free Zen Society = Dream Escapes = the Free Zen Society – thirsty ear rec.

Apse = Wind Through the Walls = Spirit – Acuarela.
Apse = Blackwood Gates = Spirit – Acuarela.
Kinkzoid = Slapp = The Book of Pages – mook rec.
Kinkzoid = half Past Forever = The Book of Pages – mook rec.
The Electric Prunes = I had too much to dream = Live Stockholm ’67 – heartbeat productions.
New York Electric Piano = Blues in Full Moon =Blues in Full moon - midlantic rec.

Jr. James & the late guitar = I Just Want to Loop Beats w/you = Semi-conductor- A tone rec.
Tuxedomoon = A Home Away = 20 Ways to Float Though Walls – crammed discs.
Laurie Jones = Torin’s Revolution = Laurie Jones – reverse recordings.

12am. (may day)
Dark = maypole = Round the Edges = kissing spell rec.
The Acid Gallery = Dance Around the Maypole = Rubbles #10 – bamcaruso.
The Children = Maypole = rebirth = gear fab rec.
{Vanessa Redgrave = Lusty Month of May = Camelot soundtrack – WB.}mixed with..
{Enuma Elish = Insurgent Procession = When Above… – lithiq rec.}
Red Dwarf audio clip 'maydaymayday'
Jaiya = the Month of Maying = Beltane – .

My Brightest Diamond = Magic Rabbit = Tear it Down – asthmatic kitty rec.
Stuttering Monks = Serenity = St. Valentines Day Massacre vol.2 – .
Stuttering Monks = Verismilitude = Zootrope – flounder rec.

Chinmaya Dunster = Full Moon = Buddha Moon- new earth rec.
The Vocokesh = Gazing at the Dust = All this & Hieronymus Bosch- strange attractors.

I tried to squeeze as much music into 2 hours as possible, but as always it's never enough time. Also chose an unfortunate song to try and mix with The Lusty Month of May. Felt like playing around with it and wanted to use something surprising and strange but it turned out to be not such a good mix & too strange. In fact possibly the most difficult listening segment of any show in recent history! It did however make me look for what would work well and I think I've found it. If I ever do it again I'll have a much better match.Thanks for the calls!

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