Wednesday, April 11, 2007

4-10-07 playlist

4-10-07 playlist

Hypnotix = Free Your Mind = Where the Spirit Lives – popron music.
Slavic Soul Party = ladies and gentlemen/ Occapella(have a beer) = Teknochek Collision – Barbe’s rec.
Crazy People Music(Foom) = Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll = Crazy People Music – self release.
Electropolis = Saling the Flat Earth = Electropolis – innova.
Sharp Three = Reflection off my Blue = Sharp Three – onigawara rec.

Cloud Cult = Take Your Medicine = the Meaning of 8 – earthology rec.
31 Knots = Man Become Me = the Days & Nights of Everything and Anywhere- polyvinyl .
The Blow = We Are Over Here = Poor Aim:love songs- K rec.
M.F. Lunch & the little cotton woolies = Take It-it’s poison – M.F.Lunch & the little cotton woolies- self release.

Enuma Elish = Compression = When Above…- lithiq.
Banco de Gaia = Echoes = Backspin – six degrees rec.
Stephin Merritt = Sorry Wrong Show = Showtunes – nonesuch.

12am.(taxable income)
Erase Errata = Tax Dollars = Nightlife – kill rock stars.
Ultravox = Life at Rainbows End(for all the Tax Exiles on Main St.)= Ultravox – Island rec.
Catfish Haven = Taxman = Revolver Reloaded – Mojo magazine.
Triumvirat = Mr. Ten Percent = Illusions on a double dimple – harvest rec.
P.F.M. = Mister 9 to 5 = Photos of Ghosts – manticore rec.

Kenneth Johnston& the curable interns = Nautical Twilight = a Texas Travel Guide – self release.
Low Earth Orbiter = The Devils Henchmen = Give the World Love and Peace – self release.
Glenn Beane = Stop the War = Anti-War Songs – self release.
Glenn Beane = What the Hell = Anti-War Songs – self release.

Thanks again for the calls and email requests. I suspect that when I go off into 70's prog rock that I loose a number of listeners but it's good to hear that some of you enjoy it.

Next week
Dan Kieneker of the Seattle band Low Earth Orbiter will be joining me the first hour of the show to talk about their new release "Give the World Love and Peace" and we'll listen to more of it.

Keep listening and contributing your thoughts.

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