Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2-6-07 playlist

I now have to be at work early Wednesday mornings so I will be posting my playlists later in the day for a while.

2-6-07 playlist

Flaming Fire = Fog Machine= When the High Bell Rings – silly bird rec.
Sex Mob = pygmy Suite = Sexotica – thirsty ear .
Coyote Poets of the Universe = Kaliwood = Unmistakable Evidence- Square Shaped rec.
Clinic = Jigsaw Man = Visitations – domino rec .
Ambros Seelos = Swingle Beat = the In Krout vol.2 .

David Bowie = Black Country Rock = the Man who Sold the World – rca.
Michael Honsinger = Black Mood =mp3 - self release.
Eno = No One Receiving = Before and After Science – virgin.
Bill Nelson = Popsicle Head Trip = Atom Shop – discipline US.
Bill Nelson = Dizzy in the Head = Whimsy – fabled Quixote.
Synergy(Larry Fast) = Classical Gas = Sequencer – passport.

The Mahavishnu Project = Pegasus = Return to the Emerald Beyond – cuniform.
Vagabond Opera = River Song = Vagabond Opera – self release.
Heart of the Dragon Ensemble = Ying Chun Flowers = Chinese New Years Music – Arc Music.
12am. (Year of the Boar/Pig)
The Coasters = I'm a Hog for You = 50 Coasting Classics – rhino.
Tennessee Ernie Ford = I’m Hogtied over you = 16 Tons of Boogie – rhino.
Jimmy MacBeath = the Muckin o Georgie Byre = Scottish Tradition Series/carrying the stream – greentrax.
Incredible String Band = Big Ted = Changing Horses – hannible.
Flaming Fire = Farmer Wolf = When the High Bell Rings – silly bird rec.
Art Official = Dreams of Bacon = mp3 - self release.*
3rd Base = Green Eggs and Swine = Derelicts of Dialect – def jam.
Helios Creed = Pigs on the Wing = Saucerful of Pink - .*
Roger Waters = Pigs (3 different ones) = Which One is Pink - ?

King Crimson = Get Thy Bearings = Epitaph - .
The Mountain Goats = Maybe Sprout Wings = Get Lonely- 4 AD.
Alexander Tucker = Superherder = Furrowed Brow – self release.

Thanks for the requests* and suggestions! And next weeks theme will be Hearts, Flowers and Massacres , or
"The Love Holiday"


punslinger said...

wow Richard! Thank you for playing Black Mood!.. and surrounded by such company!!! Wow! Did you use the version of Bacon that I sent you? .. oh and did I mention Wow?

Richard Sinclair said...

That was my Happy Birthday to Michael set. Some of your fav's and mine. You might want to start a Quantum Mechanix soundclick page :). I hear those guys have a wealth of unreleased material to explore.

punslinger said...

I did yesterday... today is Valentine's Day Eve! Only one song there so far but watch out for the sonic avalanche!

Quantum Mechanix

Also Triple Dog Dare:

Triple Dog Dare

...and Senseless Budd:

Senseless Budd