Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2-13-07 playlist

2-13-07 playlist
The Chasers = Inspiration = Rubble 9 – Bam Caruso.
Mike Heron = Warm Heart Pastry = Smiling Men with Bad Reputations – Elektra.
Eric Burdon & the Animals = To Love Somebody = Love Is – repertoire.
Adrian Belew = All Her Love is Mine = Op Zop too Wah – passenger.
Stuttering Monks = Venus Arriving = mp3 – self release

St. Valentines Day Massacre = Brother,Can You Spare a Dime = Rubble 9 – Bam Caruso.
Simple Kid = Hello = simple kid vector – 2M.
Klaatu = Hanus of Uranus = Klaatu – capital.
Simple Kid = Love’s an Enigma = Simple Kid vector – 2M.

Peter Sellers = Mad About the Boy = The Magic Christian soundtrack – commonwealth UK.
Thea Gilmore = I Want to Tell You = Revolver Reloaded – Mojo Mag.
Transvision Vamp = Bad Valentine = Velveteen – Universal.
George Martin/Sean Connery = In My Life = In My Life – MCA.

12am. (The Love Holiday)
Stuttering Monks = the Birds & the Bees = mp3 – self release .
Bill Nelson = Profiles, Hearts, Stars = Optimism – enigma.
Planet Andy = Her Aura Precedes Her = mp3 – self release .
Casimire Engine = Valentines lost a love in the Past = mp3 – self release .
Tom Waits = Sea of Love = Orphans – Anti-.
The Persuasions = Love of My Life = Frankly A cappella – earthbeat .
TripleDogDare = Jumpin’ for Joy = mp3 – self release .
Bjork = Like Someone in Love = Debut – Elektra .

Mick Wilson’s Bloo Noise =Suddenly I Found Myself in Love – mp3 – self release .
Yoko Ono = Kiss Kiss Kiss = Yes,I’m a Witch – astralwerks .
John Izzard = I Want You & I Bleed = mp3 – self release .
Angeltide w/Michael Punsliger = Underwhelmed by Valentines = mp3 – self release .

Donovan = Lady of the Lamp = Sutras – American.
Richard Harris = on Love = The Prophet – atlantic.

This was a very strange sort of night. Probably because I hadn't slept much in the previous 72 hours and was feeling a bit off center and spaced out. Thanks to all of those who have contributed music to the Valentines Day Massacre project (VD) and to Michael for keeping me in the loop with developments. I played a few things from the project this show and will be airing other gems in future shows. There's a lot I haven't yet gotten to so keep checking back. If you want to find out more about the VD project go to and find "The World and His Wife" forum.

And the whole project is now available for free download at...

Next week KAOS will be airing a live broadcast of the Homelessness Marathon so the next Dancing in Circles will be Feb. 27th at 11pm pacific time. See you then.

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punslinger said...

Thank you Richard... can't wait to hear your recording of it! There's quite a few new things submitted for the Dreamsville Valentine's Project since I saw you last! Including new Senseless Budd and old Quantum Mechanix!