Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1-2-07 playlist

1-2-07 playlist
Vajas= Pub Crow = Sacred Stone –
F/I = Hit the Kill Switch Eugene = a Question for the Somnambulist – strange attractors.
Starlight Mints = Seventeen = Drowaton – barsuk.
Cookin’ with Kurt = I’m not Done, Yeti = Embryo 4 – rodent rec.
Plus Device = Ultra Seductive = Puncture – hefty.

Steve Fisk = My Head Popped = 999 Levels of Undo – sub pop.
ST 37 = Lay My Love = I Love to Talk if There’s anything to say– emperor jones.
Stan Ridgway = Newspapers = Mosquitoes - geffen.
The Arnaeus Ensemble = A Tale of Yore = From the Rainbow – cambria.

Hammock = Chorus of Trees = raising your voice trying to stop the echoes – darla.
Primordial Undermind = Blinding Stars = Loss of Affect – strange attractors.
King Crimson = Eyes Wide Open = The Power to Believe – discipline.

12am(songs of seven)
Osibisa = Beautiful Seven = woyaya – line rec.
Chris Squire = Lucky Seven = Fish out of Water – atlantic.*
John Baldry = Seventh Son = Everything Stops for Tea – WB.
Joe Cocker = Seven Days = Sheffield Steel – island.
TuxedoMoon = 7 years = half mute – cramboy.*
Hawkwind = 7 by 7 = Spaceritual – UA.
Genesis = Seven Stones = Nursery Cryme – atlantic.
Jon Anderson = Song of Seven = Song of Seven – atlantic.

Uprite Dub Orchestra = 2507 = Dubrite –

*by request

Thanks for the requests! week's theme will be "Robin Hood"


punslinger said...

Rrrrrr Bucko!Thanks for playing Lucky Seven and 7 years (especially the Tuxedo Moon! Glad I remembered it in time and got you on the squawk-box before you left for KAOS)

See people: Richard really does pay attention to his requests (He also would have played the 7 Deadly Finns by Eno if he could have found a copy. Wish I had a copy. I've only heard the song once about 17 years ago).

Oh yeah; after the fact I realized that you could have played some James Bond songs... it is, after all, the year '007!

Keep up the extremely cool show!!

Richard Sinclair said...

Good ideads Michael. 007 will be a theme in itself. Perhaps later this month. i was looking for a cover of 7 Deadly Finns by ST37, saddly it isn't in the KAOS library, but I found another of their discs with a cover of the Eno/Cale song "Lay My Love" on it!
That's just the sort of little joys that makes this volunteer job/obsession, fun and rewarding.
Be thinking of Robin Hood tunes and Bond tunes.