Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1-16-07 playlist

1-16-07 playlist
Reductio ad Absurdum = Check your Brains at the Door = Broken Fader Cartel – BFO.
Low Earth Orbiter = Taking on the Titan/the Giant Falls = Give the World Love and Peace – self release.
Naked Rhythm = Moon Over Ala Nar = Frequency – Caravan rec.
Glenn Kotche = Projections of (what) Might… = Mobile – nonesuch rec.
Pick Pocket Ensemble = Semicircular Song = Fingerpainting in Red Wine-odd shaped case rec.

Rava Avis = Medicine = Emerging Artists – six degrees rec.
Bright = Secret Form of Time = Bells Break their Towers – strange attractors audio house.
Ghost = Gareki no Toshi = In Stormy Nights – drag city.

Organissimo = Peaches and Regalia = This is the Place – Big O rec.
Augie March = Song in the Key of Chance = Strange Bird – spin art.
Forest For the Trees = Ohm = Forest for the Trees – dreamworks rec.

12am. ( 007 /Secret Service )
Tommy Tallarico = Alarm = 007 Tomorrow Never Dies video game sound track –Chapter III rec.
The Creation = Biff Bang Pow = How Does it Feel to Feel – Edsil rec.
The Outsiders = Do You Feel Alright = the Complete Polydor Tapes - .
The Doxies = License to Kill = Million Dollar Bash – home tone rec.
Jandek = License to Kill = the Living End – corwood rec.
Barry Adamson = 007 a Phantasy Bond theme = Soul Murder – Mute US.
Devo = Secret Agent Man = Duty for the Futrue – WB.
Hawkwind = Secret Agent = Electric Tepee – griffin rec.
Stan Ridgway = Going Southbound = Mosquitos –geffen rec.
Tommy Tallarico = Hotel Atlantic = Tomorrow Never Dies vdeo game soundtrack- chapter III.

Hemlock Society = Several Species = Hemlock Society – self release.
Keller Williams = Play This = Dream - ?soon to be released?

.. I love standing on the edge of a cliff, spreading my wings and diving into the depths with only music to keep me floating. It's quite a feeling to be suspended above the ground by nothing but song.
Thanks for your emails/requests/comments/cartoons/mp3's/and stuff.
If you would like to submit music to the show email me.

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