Sunday, December 17, 2006

Adventures in the Dark

Still in the dark after 3 days but set up well enough to keep going for a while longer. I sure would like to shower tho. Our power went out Thurday night and our phone was out for the last couple days too. Just got it back on. We rescued our friend Gail Trembly from her cold house yesterday and she spent the day with us. Her power came back on last night. I don't expect to have power for another day or 2 here but I've got the generator on for a little while and decided to go on line for a bit.

Now on to Important matters. If KAOS has power again by Tuueday night I intend to present a "Saved by the Bells" kaosinwonderland theme set on Dancing in Circles. The station lost power Thurday night also and I still can't hear them from my house but I've been told they are back on the air.

We've got the wood stove fired up, the propane heater in the greenhouse and a camp stove so everythings just a fine winter adventure for now. I might not get all of my christmas presents fired in time but, what the hell.

Any musical ideas from you would be welcome! See ya on the radio!

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