Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12-19-06 playlist

12-19-06 playlist... merry BLEEPIN' hollimas! Unt ein whoopty doo NEWINDerschnosel !

Capt. Beefheart & his Magic Band = Electricity = the Dust Blows Forward – WB.
The Subsonics = Electricity = Die Bobby Die – Slovenly.
The Balancing Act = Generator = Curtains - .
Starlight Mints = Eyes of the Night = Drowaton – barsuk.
True Margrit = Electricity = Seaworthy – bobo tunes.
Ozzie Kotani = Jingle Bell Rock = Hawaiian Slack Key Christmas – dancing cat.

Wrong Brothers = Slay Bells = Silver Sounds of Christmas – silber.
Dragon City = track #1 = Dragon City – self release.
Steve Fisk = Where’s the Fire? = Levels of Undo – sub pop.
Caroline Glass & Friends = Tinfoil Hat = EP – sudden bloom.
Battle of Mice = Sleep and Dream = a Day of Nights – neurot.
Trans Siberian Orchestra = Wizards in Winter = The Lost Christmas Eve – lava.
Gulag Picture Radio/wxrt = Xmas on the Moon = .

Flaming Fire = Astral Traveler = When the High Bell Rings – silly bird.

12am(saved by Bells)
Fognode = Carol of the Bells = the Reindeer Room – kriztal.
Small Life Form = Bells and Envelopes = Silver Sounds of Christmas – silber.
Durbin Elf = Carol of the Bells = a Mutated Christmas – illegal art.
Global Spirit = Call of the Tribes = Globalspirirt – Navarre.
Grassy Knoll = Silver Bells = a Mutated Christmas – illegal art.
Jethro Tull = Ring Out, Solstice Bells = Songs from the Wood – chrysalis.
Mike Oldfield = Saved by the Bell = Discovery - .
Lynn Schwekendiek & Koekic Dutton = Ring Xmas Bells= a Cascades Christmas – cascades rec.
Teja Bell = Ukrainian Bell Carol = the New Spirit of Christmas ep - indie.
Skindred = Jungle Bells = a Taste of Christmas - .
KBS = Silver Bells = Christmas ‘ 84 – indie.
VoxBop = Jingle Bell Rock = voxbop variety hour- mango.
Dirk Kaysser = Carol of the Bells = Happy Clucking Holidays - .

Hammock = Floating Away in Every Direction = Raising Your Voice…. – Darla .
230 Divisadero = Storm in December = Silver Sounds of Christmas – silber.

Martin Atkins & the Chicago Industrial League = the Spirit fo Christmas = an Industrial Christmas – invisible .

Martin Atkins & the Chicago Industrial League = I’m Dreaming of a White Noise Christmas – an Industrial Christmas – invisible.

thanks for your calls and emails.
HAVE A FABULOUS SOULSTICE! the turning is here.

..and... next week the show will air the day after the arbitrarily adopted date for the xmas holiday. As is frequently the case,,,I'm still working on possible themes for it. If you've got a thought, please share it!

We got got our electricity back on Wednesday evening! After 6 days without, it was interesting how long it took to get used to having it again. I'm so glad we bought a generator a couple years ago. I've used up alot more money and firewood that I had planned to so I'll need to get more of that next month. Thinking that a winning lottery ticket will be coming my way very soon. And now I'm back to firing pottery for gifts, just in time for the official event!

)))) namaste' ((((

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Margrit said...


Thanks for playing our song (Electricity, by True Margrit)!!

Happy new year!

rock on