Sunday, November 12, 2006

Would anyone like some toast?

"Who's the most likely person to catch fire at a wedding?"

Now we know the answer this age old question.
Perhaps it was the champagne, or the thunder clouds looming on the edge of the evening. Could it have been the toaster? ...or the toastie?
Well last night will remain a tale to tell for many a future gathering. As if it were'nt memerable enough for two people to get married in their home with a few close friends and relatives on Armistice Day, November 11, 2006, but one of the best men, Michael, backed into a candle and caught on fire and the groom, reacting in haste, with his bare hands tried to put the polyester shirt out which consequentially became stuck to his hand burning his finger and leaving a hole in the carpet and a blob of melted polyester on the wooden countertop.

Well after that (and some aloe vera) the party got Really good, and so was the food. The best wedding cake in memory, the lingering sent of plastic smoke in the room. And lots more champagne....
...and then, as a best man I made the obligatory toast which is always terrifying for me (eeeek""""""speaking to a crowd""""'aaaaaaa!) but I did it, and I didn't fall down dead, even tho the crowd went silent. They must have been expecting some sort of punch line. Guess I fooled them.

..Congradulations to Jean and Patrick!!!

...would anyone like some toast?

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