Wednesday, November 08, 2006

11-7-06 playlist

11-7-06 playlist
Feathers = Skara Brain = Synchromy – Hometapes.
Cloud Cult = Breakfast with my Shadow = Aurora Borealis- earthology.
Piter Pat = Pyramids = Pyramids – thrill jockey.
Miho Hatori = Barracuda = ecdysis – ryko.
Robert Rich = Aquafir = Electric Ladder- soundscape.
Hammock = When the Sky Pours Down Like a Fountain= Raising Your Voice Trying to stop the Echo-Darla.

Gong = Zero the Hero & the Witches Spell = Flying Teapot – Charly.
Bourbon Princess = Still Asleep = Dark of Days – accurate.
Sharp Three = Michizure = Sharp Three – Onigawara.

Starless & Bible Black = Everyday and Every night = Starless & Bible Black – Locust.
Cirkestra = Water Spitting = Alice – cirkestra.
Cirkestra = Alice on Crack = Alice – cirkestra.

12am (swollen rivers)
Octopus = The River = Restless Night plus – see for miles.
Gentle Giant = River = Octopus – Columbia.
Aquatubia = Waterfall = Complete Tracks – record funnel.
Miho Hatori = the River of 3 Crossings = ecdysis – ryko.
Patrick Elkins = In the River = New Folk sounds- We’re Twins rec.
Joey Gregorash = Down by the River = single 7” -?
Laurie Anderson = Muddy River = Bright Red- WB.
Genesis = The Scree = the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – Atco.
Genesis = In the Rapids = the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – Atco.
Waterbone = River of Souls = Tibet – intentcity rec.

Angeltide = Ghoasts = New Experiments in Sound vol.2 – self release.
Rocking Fellow = Undead = Best of Sub Pop #7 – sub pop.
Manfred Man = Snakeskin Garter = Chapter 3 – polydor.
Refrigerator Mothers =Tied in Sacks = Ghosts of a Primitive World – URCKarm rec.

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punslinger said...

Love that Laurie Anderson album! Another great Eno production... speaking of Eno, I'm surprised you didn't play By This River.

Also just 2 days ago I realized you could have played Undead for Halloween and voila, you played it this week! There sure were a lot of great songs on that Sup Pop tape!!! You'll have to play Want a Cookie?... was that its' name?

I emailed Kevin (Angeltide) and told him he got radio play again and gave him the link to your site again.

Oh yeah you should go to Bill Nelson's Dreamsville site and in the Pleasure Park
in the forum 'the World and His Wife' check out the post for Chain Music; we're doing a musical collaboration between the Dreamsville residents!!! I'm pretty excited about it! If anyone out there likes to jam, you could "jam" worldwide!