Wednesday, November 29, 2006

11-28-06 playlist


11-28-06 playlist.

Nouvelle Vague = Human Fly = Bande a Part – Luaka Bop.
Robert Barry & Hush = Watcher of the Skies = Suppers Ready- magna catra.
Low Frequency in Stereo = The Last Temptation of Low Frequency in Stereo= The Last Temptation of… - gigantic music.

Gaia Consort = Cold Winter Comin’ = Evolve – suddenly naked.
Pyramids on Mars = Tarana = Lines – self release.
Pyramids on Mars = Hori = Lines – self release.
Hammock= Startle the Heavens = Raising your Voice to Stop the Echoes – Darla.
Walter Carlos = Winter(edit) = Sonic Seasonings -?

John Izzaard = Speak to me in Sleep = the Ghost in Her Room – self release.
Feathers = Tone Poem = Synchromy – hometapes.
Back in Baroque = Hells Bells = String Tribute to AC/DC – vitamin.

12am (Sagittarius/Jupiter)
August Sons = Jupiter = Plants,Planets and Insects = El Recordo.
Nate Ashley = the Archer = Darker Corners of Your Heart – lefthanded.
Todd Rundgren = Zen Archer = Back to the Bars – bearsville.
Mary Jo Williams = Sagittarius = Zodiac Suite – Smithsonian folkways.
Tales of Justine = Jupiter = Petals from a Sunflower – tenth planet.
Harvey Sid Fisher = Sagittarius = Astrology Songs- Amarillo.
Blue Oyster Cult = Teen Archer = Tyranny and Mutation- Columbia.
BBC Philhamonic = Jupiter = the Planets/Holst – BBC Music Magazine.
Van der Graaf Generator = Arrow= GodBluff – Charisma/Virgin.

Primordial Undermind = Intercessor = Loss of Affect – strange attractors.
Primordial Undermind = Breath Deep = Loss of Affect – strange attractors.
Eckhard Kapetzki = Memory of a Mystery = Night of Moondances- Cavalli.

...and next week....? I'm completely up in the aire about it. Bring me down to the ground by giving me your ideas..Please! Imight be subbing for Domenica again. It was alot of fun but it made my show less focused ( if that is possible)

Oh, by the way, I need a one of those things,,, where a person can do something and get a regular pay check, or monitary reward for performing a sevice, what's that called? a Job? "Hey, Buddy! Get a Normal Job!"

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