Sunday, October 29, 2006

all hallows eve

""All Hallows Eve"" when the doors to the other world are left slightly ajar and things slip back and forth thru them sending shivers up and down our spines.

This will be the setting for the next edition of Dancing in Circles.

Strange mystery, eerie magic and macbre humour will grace the airwaves of Olympia this Tuesday night for Halloween. There is a very real possiblity that we'll be visited by the spirit of H.P.Lovecraft himself.
Want to see if you can spend the night in This Castle
and live to tell the tale???


punslinger said...

Howdy Richard...
Well I've got some All Hallows Eve-like tunes to suggest...

1. Some Kind of Zombie (Audio Adrenaline)

2. Coraline (Rasputina- on that Neil Gaiman tribute album- Where's Neil When You Need Him? ...Love that song! ...Love that album!!)

3.There's a werewolf/dog song on Tom Tom Club's Dark Sneak Love Action album... don't have it with me so can't check the title, but it's a fun song anyway!

4. Won't mention Bowie's Scary Monsters... oops...

5. There's at least 2 I'd recommend from Coil's Love's Secret Domain but I never knew their names (that damned metallic lettering!) but especially the one with "... Eternal returning and an end to the waiting..." in the lytics (there's that Neil again!)

I know there was more that I had in mind, but can't remember at the moment!

(Oh wait wasn't there that version of Werewolves of London by that obscure band from Olympia: Triple Dog Dare?)

There's still more and I might just make it back to the web in time to throw in someone else's 2 cents (I'm virtually broke) before the DEAD-line... yuk, yuk, yuk... did I mention YUK?

Later Daze my friend!

punslinger said...

I remembered (just after logging off yesterday) what some of the other songs were:

A. Gegggy Tah 2 (the song about House of Usher, maybe 4th or 6th, or so, if I remember correctly)

B. Kate Bush (Watching You Without Me)
-Super Cool ghost song!!-

C. Phish (Story of the Ghost)

That's all for the Now...


Richard Sinclair said...

Thanks for the ideas and for reminding me about the Audio Adrenaline tune. I still don't have that Coil album do I? I can't keep track anymore, somebody should organize my stuff better! I'm getting buried in music.(what a way to go)