Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10-24-06 playlist

Thanks for pledging to KAOS!

Ceceilia, You are THE BEST :D !

Much thanks to the others who called in pledges on Dancing in Circles.
..and thanks to Martha for coming in and helping me pitch to the listeners and pledging to get herself a kaos mug.

10-24-06 playlist

Bill Nelson = Nostalgia (for the future) = Whimsy – Fabled Quixote.
Ecstatic Sunshine = Power Ring = Freckle Wars – car park.
Electropolis = the Slider = Electropolis – innova.
Cat Scientist = Rocks and Trees = Cicada - .
Genesis = Where the Sour Turns to Sweet = Where the Sour Turns to Sweet- rock machine.

Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha = In a Gadda da Vida= Planet Rock – Rough Guide.
Sharp Three = Mu ( nothingness) = Sharp Three – onigawara.

The Vulcan Freedom Fighters = We Are the Metrons = Stardate Unknown – acr.
The Barbarellatones = Invasion of the Surf Zombies = Invasion of the Surf Zombies – self released.
Magic Mushroom Band = Don’t be Afraid = a Psychedelic Psauna -delerium/freakbeat .

12am. (the Spider)
They Might be Giants = Spider = Apollo 18 – Elektra.
Mission of Burma = Spiders Web = the Obliterti – matador.
The Andriod Sisters = Telephone Wires = Songs of Electronic Despair – ZBS.
Califone = Spiders House = Roots & Crowns – thrill jockey.
Joan Osbourne = Spider Web = If God Had a Face – primadonna.
Brain Eno = Spider and I = Before and After Science = virgin.

The Incredible String Band = October Song = the Incredible String Band – Hannibal.
Bill Nelson = the October man = Love the Whirls - fontana int'l.
King Crimson = the Talking Drum = Lark’s Tongues in Aspic – EG.

And now for the News:::After 2 full years, without missing a single shift, my last day as a front desk volunteer will be next Tuesday morning. I must find myself a job that actually pays money. I will, of course, continue my Tuesday night radio show and continue to be involved with the station as time allows. Certainly someone out there is looking for me to work for them and recocognizes me as a dedicated, fabulous sort of fellow deserving to be paid a fair and fantastic sum. I trust that we will team up together to make good things happen for each of us.

Next week is All Hallows Eve. oooOO00oooeeeeeeiiiiiiahahahahhhh!!!!

Coming well as.......something else too.

Tune into kAoS and see what happens.

1 comment:

punslinger said...

Richard thanks for playing my spider song request (spider and I)!
I also apologize for not staying up past 7pm to listen and pledge like I intended; got caught up in the ordinary everyday routine!

Also wish I could hire you cause having worked with you many times, I know what an awesome dedicated employee you are (even when you have an altercation with a recalcitrant toaster, you're doing the company a much needed favor)!!

Good luck! And see you soon...