Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9-5-06 playlist

9-5-06 playlist

Cat Scientist =I Saved an Airplane = Cicada – Australian cattle god.
The Spores =Yum Yum = Imagine the Future – sidechoe.
MLW the Thrill Kill Kult = Sexplosion = Sexplosion –wax trax.
Attilo Mineo = Mile a Minute Monorail= Man in Space w/Sounds – subliminal sound.
Stone Temple Pilots = Break on Thru = Stoned Immaculate – Elektra.

Him = As We Were Once = Peoples – bubble core.
Coil = Further Back and Faster = Love’s Secret Domaine – wax trax.
Sharp Three = Mu(nothingness) = Sharp Three – Onigawara records.

Sugarman Three = Sunshine Superman = Sugars Boogaloo –desco.
Frank Zappa = It’s Ok to Be Smart = Kill Ugly Radio (some more) – ryko.
Stereophonics = Superman = Language,Sex,Violence,Other? – V2.
12am. (Superheroes)
Bill Nelson = Atom Man Loves Radium Girl = Confessions of a 4 Track Mind- Cocteau.
The Kinks = Plastic Man = Fab Forty – charley records.
XTC = That’s Really Super Supergirl= Skylarking – virgin.
Simple Kid = Supertramps and Superstars = Simple Kid – vector.
Laurie Anderson = O Superman = Live at Town Hall NYC Sept. 19-20, 2001-nonesuch.
David Bowie = The Supermen = Man Who Sold the World- RCA.
Jimi Hendrix = Astroman = Cry of Love - .
The Bears = Superboy = the Bears –primitive man recordings.
Roxy Music = Amazona = Stranded – EG.
Garbage = Supervixen = Garbage – almo.
Todd Rundgren = Zen Archer = a Wizard a True Star- rhino/bearsville.

Electric Eel Shock = Iron man = Beat Me – gearhead.

...and a super time was had by all! Thanks to Michael Honsinger (Punslinger) for coming in and putting together a very fun set of Superhero songs. And thanks for all the calls and requests! For those that I didn't get to I appologize, sometimes 2 hours goes by way too fast, try again next week.

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punslinger said...

You're welcome Richard. It was Super Fun! Thanks again for letting me have such free reign...too bad we ran out of time... it would have been so fun to play some of the other songs we had to cut from the play list(like Muffin Man by Zappa)... maybe around SuperSaturday next year?
Can't wait to go on vacation again just so I can invade your show once more. See ya soon...