Wednesday, September 20, 2006

9-19-06 playlist

9-19-06 playlist
OOIOO = UMO = Taiga – thrill jockey.
Erase Errata = Dust = Nightlife – Kill Rock Stars.
When Girls Collide = Sailor = Wasted Ladies – Crash.
Viva Voce = When Planets Collide = Get Yer Blood Sucked Out – Barsuk.
Bourbon Princess = Super Girls Complaint = Dark of Days - accurate.

The Majestic Twelve = Are You Ready? = Schizophrenology – pandora’s legacy.
{Interview with Kenyata Sullivan of The Majestic Twelve.}
The Majestic Twelve = Trapped Underwater = Schizophrenology- pandora’s legacy.

The Winston Giles Orchestra = All Come Together = Soundtracks for Sunrise- flow records.

12am ( Talk about Pirates)
P;ano = Ghost Pirates = Brigadoon - mint.
Pirates R Us = KYAR = Songs of Modern Piracy – shitake mushroom.
John Hiatt = Pirate Radio = Little Head – capitol.
Mad Professor = Pirates of the Airwaves =Who Knows the Secret of the Master Tape = RAS records.
Jefferson Airplane = Long John Silver = Long John Silver – rca.
Jethro Tull = Queen and Country = War child – Chrysalis.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer = Pirates = Works - .
Jason Darling= Pirates = Settling Dust – surprise truck entertainment.

Gong = Flying Teapot = Flying Teapot – charly.

And speaking of Pirates, I saw the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean a couple weeks ago and was constantly trying to ignore the repetitive, repulsive, and persistent racial stereotyping. That made the movie less than fun. I like Capt. Jack Sparrow and the other main characters just fine and I really liked the Cajun witch queen( she’s by far the best new character in the story) but I was so disappointed with the fact that every other person of color in the story was either the aboriginal cannibals or pirates that died for our amusment. What the fuck is with that? Why do they think we should accept and enjoy that sort of portrayal over and over and just laugh it off? I enjoyed much about the movie but I suggest that people do not support the marketing of toys and other related paraphernalia for movies of this sort any more. Don’t buy it for your kids without having the serious discussion of the oppressive nature of these type of portrayals. It’s just not okay to let the entertainment industry behave in this way any more.

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punslinger said...

Yeah! That is the only real gripe that I have with Lord of the Rings(the movie): all the black actors were playing bad guys or "monstrous" beings.Kinda took a lot of the fun out of them when that realization hit me!