Wednesday, August 09, 2006

8-8-06 playlist

8-8-06 Playlist
11 pm.
Ratatat = Montanita = Ratatat(wildcat) –
The Golden Arm Trio = War Tales = the Golden arm Trio – shamrock.
Klingon Klez = Mojo Shabbos =Blue Suede Jews– self release.
Six Organs of Admittance = The Desert is a Circle = The Sun Awakens – drag city.
Chaos Butterfly = Whirl of Suds = Three Living Things – pitch a tent.

Masters of Reality =Ants in the Kitchen = Sunrise on the Sufferbus – chrysalis.
Rasputina = Coraline = Neil Gaiman(where’s Neil when you neen him) –dancing ferret records.
Emmanuel Santarromana = Tomorrow Never Knows = FAB4ever – pschent.
Deine Lakaien = A Fish Called Prince = Neil Gaiman – dancing ferret records.
Jonathan Kane = Curl = February – secretly Canadian.

Bunky = Chuy = Born to be a Motorcycle – asthmatic kitty.
Jazzamor = Fly Me to the Moon = Pool Service – blue flame.
12 am.
Martha and the Muffins = Swimming = This is the Ice Age -virgin.
Penny Arcade = Swim = Not the Freeze – sundazed.
Bill Nelson = a Dip in the Swimming Pool Reactor = Chamber of Dreams – capital.
Gaelic Storm = Swimming in the Sea = Special Reserve – omtown.
Klaatu = True Life Hero = Klaatu - capital
French, Frith, Kaiser & Thompson = Surfin’ USa= Live, Love, Larf & Loaf -diablo.
Puffi Ami Yumi = Swimming Poo= Spike – epic.
Ani DiFanco = Swim = Educated Guess -= righteous babe.
Peter Gabriel = I Go Swimming = Plays Live – Geffen.

The Golden Arm Trio = the Rack = Golden Arm Trio- shamrock.
Vacabou = Blue Glass Highway = Vacabou – opal.
Good World = Stone Giants = the Robot Ate Me – 5RC.
F/I = Keep the Third Eye Open = A Question for the Somnambulist – strange attractors audio house.
Streamline = Gaia’s Embrace = the Earth Ambient – blue water.

Flying free ( by the seat of my fade blue jeans) for this show, never knowing what's coming next and sort of loving it that way! Thanks to those who called in and those of you who just heard the show and smiled or tapped your feet, or sang along making up your own lyrics, to those of you who talked amoung yourselves or thought profound thinkings or created artful masterpieces, became zoned out creatures of the night. Thanks to you all.
Tune in again next week and we'll do the same thing in a completly different way on 89.3fm

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punslinger said...

king(!) Richard... Thank you so much for playing one of my all time favorite Martha and the Muffin songs!!!! keep up the GREAT work!!