Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8-22-06 playlist

8-22-06 playlist

Animal Collective = Baleen Sample = Prospect Hummer - fat cat.
Vulcan Freedom Fighters= Romulan Divide = Stardate Unknown- .
Ecstatic Sunshine = Wave Chop = Freckle Wars - car park.
Cloud Cult = Rockwell = Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus – earthology.
Essential Firmament & the Elements= the Festival of Frothy Muggament =EP – Armageddon.
Kaki King = These are the Armies of the Tyrannized=Until We Felt Red- velour.
Damian Catera = Radio decomposition NYC v.1 = Radio decomposition- ?.

Jeff Johnson & B. Dunning = Flight of Rhi Bran = King Raven vol.1 - Ark.
Thomas Nola et son Orchestra = These Strawberries are Hideous = So Long, Lale Anderson – lapin.
The Clean = Twilight Agency = Getaway – merge.
Broadcast = a Man for Atlantis = the Future Crayon – warped.
Say Hi to Your Mom = Yeah, I’m in Love with an Andriod = Ferocious Mopes- euphobia.
Artemiev & Klinger = Endless Voyage = a Moment of Infinity- electroshock.

The Virgineers = How Far Does Space Go?= The Virgineers – liquid sound.
Bill Nelson = I Looked at the Sea = Whimsy – fables Quixote.
12am.kaos in wonderland theme'Sailing the Seas'

The Naptown Amplifier Co.= Sailing Thru the Timeline= Capt. Ahab’s Graveside Seafood Stand – self release.
Spirogyra = Captain’s Log = a Canterbury Tale – castle music.
Enter the Haggis = Down With the Ship = Casualties of Retail- firebrand.
White Whale = What’s an Ocean For? = WW1 – merge.
Quantum Mechanix presents = Sailing the Sound = Out of Style – selfrelease.
O’Jays = Ship Ahoy = Ship Ahoy - ?.
Gentle Giant = Wreck = Acquiring the Taste – vertigo.
Pirates R Us= the Kotzebue Shuffle = Songs of Modern Piracy – shitake mushroom.
Taj Mahal & te Hula Blues Band = Great Big Boat = Hanapepe Dream – kandu.
Ultravox = Reap the Wild Wind = the Collection – chrysalis.

Babaloo = Falestine = Hardcore Juju – butchers ghost.
Minimal Compact = Burnt Out Hotel = Deadly Weapons – crammed.
Say Hi to Your Mom = The Reigning Champ of the Teething Crowd= Impeccable Blahs – euphobia.

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punslinger said...

Hey Richard...Thanx for playing my song (Sailing the Sound)!

Also wanted to warn you that you will probably be having a guest on your show following Labor Day as I will be on vacation and will be a lot nearer than most Tuesdays!

I enjoy your show and am glad to get to hear it even though it isn't the same night.