Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8-1-06 playlist

8-1-06 playlist (and a bit of my mind)
When Girls Collide = Swim = Hit Me With Your Tail Wag – crush.
Geggy Tah = Welcome to the World = Grand Opening – lukabop.
Caribou = Crayon = Up in Flames – domino/leaf.
Maxime de la Rochefoucauld = Kudu = Orchestraki – storyboard.
Steve Hackett = Palace of Theseus = a Midsummer Nights Dream- .

Clothesline Revival = Shortenin’ Bread = Long Gone – paleomusic.
Kinkzoid = Bungi = It Ain’t Natural – mook.
Conrad Ford = Radio Station = Don’t Miss Yourself – tarnished.
Six Organs of Admittance = Black Wall = The Sun Awakens – drag city.
? =?=?
Cloud Cult = Intro/Living on the Outside of Your Skin= Advice From the Happy Hippopotamus – earthology.
Reverend Horton Heat = Show Pony = Lucky 7- artimus.
Leon Russell = Carney = Carney – shelter .
Masters of Reality = Tiltawhirl = Sunrise on the Sufferbus -chrysalis .
Frank Zappa = ‘doing their thing’ = Lumpy Gravy -ryko .
The Glove = Tightrope = Blue Sunshine - .
The Counts = At The Fair = Funk Pump -aware .
Why? = Ferriswheel = Oaklandazulasylum – anticon.
Donovan = Ferris Wheel = Sunshine Superman -epic .
String Driven Thing = Fairgrounds = Sting Driven Thing – Buddha.
Adam Bryant = Barnyard Dance = Rhinoceros Tap – rounder.
Mediaeval Babes = Scarborough Fair = Mirablis – network/American.

Nudity = Le Premier Voyage du Capitaine = Winter in Red – self release.
Rita Lee = Tuda por Amor = Bossa ‘n Beatles – deckdisc.

Once again I missed writting down a couple of things that I will complete soon.
I Really wanted to play ' a trip to the fair' by Renaissance but I only have it on a cassette and for some reason the cassette deck in the air studio wasn't coming thru the board. That threw a kink into my otherwise perfect plans.
Not a single call last night. (well almost none, one from my friend and kaos dj Martha) Sometimes I wonder though, if I'm just playing music for myself over the public airwaves. I always hope someone is out there and enjoying at least some of what I'm playing but it's really hard to tell if I never hear from them. I also know that most people are just passive listeners and doing their own thing and the radio is just there in the space with them. If it annoys them they turn the station or turn it off. If it peaks their interest they may turn it up but few actually think to call up the station and interact.
So just to restate the point. Here on KAOS Community Radio we love to interact with you and keep it real. I always have ideas of what I'd like to play and really enjoy searching through the new and older releases to come up with what I consider interesting stuff but it's always better if you, the listener, join in and give us your ideas, inspirations, feedback or what ever comes into your beautiful mind. That's what makes local community radio different and relevent, You. I'm at your service when I'm volunteering on the public airwaves and you can influence what happens next.
There, now I've said enough. See you next week, on the radio!

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I'm listening even when the Radio's not on!!!