Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1st!

Happy 1st of July and Midsummer Nights dreams to you. This week marks some birthdays,(mine and my granddaughters' in paricular) independence day and the ripening of the wild blackberries! Time for Black berry pies and Barbeques and Swimming in whatever water you can find(without nuclear subs or toxic slime in it)

This weeks "Dancing in Circles" will be featuring a number of requests by people for songs that came to their minds when asked about music for the 4th and 'independence day songs'. I got answers that range from Black Sabbath to Robbie Robertson to The Dead Airfresheners and more. If you have an idea of music for midnight on the 4th of July let me know at . I'm always happy to include other peoples ideas in the show and Yours are welcome.

I've thought about a 'playing with fire' or 'fire safety' or maybe 'a Midsummer Nights Dream' theme but have finally decided on 'an All Request IndepenDance Daze' (to round out your fireworks night) tune in at 11pm Pacific time. or locally at 89.3fm.


punslinger said...

Here are my requests; the essential ones are asterisked:

1.Rocket From a Bottle-XTC (Black Sea)*
2.Great Fire-XTC (Mummer?)
3.Don't You Know-Devo (Freedom of Choice)...bottle rocket lyrics
4.My Love Explodes-Dukes of Stratosphear (25 o'clock)*...ends in fireworks
5.The American-Simple Minds (Sons&Fascination)*..."I'm walking with the flag"
6.Citizen-Simple Minds (Real to Real Cacaphony)
7.The Atom Age-Bill Nelson's Red Noise (Sound-on-Sound)*..."I stand proud as the flag's displayed"
8.Uncle Sam-Quantum Mechanix (Uncollected)*
9.One Family-QM (Uncollected)*...very political!
10.Puppet Citizen-Triple Dog Dare (Plugged)*...I realize you're not supposed to "promote" stuff you play on but...

I appologise for how many I've included. I'm sure more will come to mind. (I think you should do the whole show with your theme.)
Well until next time...M

Richard Sinclair said...

No appologies neccessary..I have some of those. If Martha hadn't already played Monster by Steppenwolf recently I would play it to. Maybe I will anyway.

Don't stop there. Still time and space for more ideas!