Wednesday, July 12, 2006

7-11-06 playlist

7-11-06 playlist

Alms for Shanti = Superbol = Planet Rock – Rough Guide.
Dengue Fever = One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula = Escape from Dragon House – the Birdman recordings.
Enter the Haggis = Gasoline = Casualties of Retail – Firebrand.
Kim Chi = City at Night = Music – self release.
Norm Scott = I’m on Ritalin Now = the Play – NRDS.
Kenneth Newby = Dreams He’s a ball of fire..or a Dragonfly = Gamelan Madu Sari – songlines.

Czerkinsky = Shakin’ Over = Club – le Maquis.
Darren Hume = Wizards Drum = Wind and Fire – city fire.
Greg Utech = Marks Boat Trip = Spank – soundbite.
The Spores = Imagine the Future = Imagine the Future – sidecho.
Terje Isungset = Igloo = Igloo – all ice records.

Nick Castro and the Young Elders = Lay Down your Arms = Nick Castro and the Young Elders – strange attractors audio house.

Mimi Unagi = the Moon in the Hand = Slimy Skin of Cow Milk –self release.
Kan NaL = Sun & Moon = Dreamwalker - .
Masters of Reality = J.B.Witchdance = Sunrise on the Sufferbus = Chrysalis.
Art Official = Blame it on the Moon = Portrait of No One – self release.
King Crimson = Moonchild = In the Court of the Crimson King – EG.

First Nation = Waterfall = First Nation – paw tracks.
Spires that in the Sunset Rise = Moon House = Spires That in the Sunset Rise – graveface.
Feathers = Past the Moon = Feathers - .
The High Pink Clouds = Persistence of Liquid Desires = The High Pink Clouds – all 11 records.

Kraftwerk = Kling Klang = Kraftwerk 2 – germanafon.
Legendary Pink Dots = Part 4 = Alchemical Playground – self release?
Kraftwerk = Strom = Kraftwerk 2 – germanafon.

Under diffused full moonlight a Moonchild bathes in the glow.

I didn't hear yet what happened to Will last night, but as he didn't show up, I continued to play music for a while in hopes that he might. Signed off at 1:40 after I got tired. Hope he's ok.

O, and good night Syd.

I'll be sitting in for Martha Copeland on "Music From the Underground" this Friday from 9pm - 11pm. Anything psychedelic you want to hear let me know.

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soundbite records said...

Thanks for playing some of my songs!!.
Keep up the good work.
Hi to my brother on Kingston Island.

Greg Utech
Soundbite Records