Tuesday, May 02, 2006

one year celebration

Tonight is my all Genesis/happy anniversery show! This week marks one year of 'Dancing in Circles' so I'm indulging myself and playing all songs related to early Genesis.......... Because of the FCC regs for public radio I'm only allowed to play 4 songs by any one artist/band but each of those guys have solos and side projects so there will be an abundance of those too. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finda copy of GTR at King Biscuit Flower Hour but I think I can manage 2 hours without it. I'm gonna stear away from the Phil Collins show with maybe only 1 song featuring him on vocals and that will be a Brand X tune.
So put on your paisley sunglasses and journey back to the sublime psilocybin of the 70's and tune in :} to 89.3fm Olympia or www.kaosradio.org

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