Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5-2-06 playlist

The Genesis fest/Anniversary show

Went for just under 3 hours and still didn't play all the stuff I wanted to!
Thanks for the requests.
((I knew that some of you out there would like this idea))

5-2-06 playlist

Genesis = Where the Sour turns to Sweet =Where the Sour turns to Sweet –

rock machine

Peter Gabriel = Moribund the Burger Meister = Peter Gabriel – atco
Genesis = Return of the Giant Hogweed = Live – Charisma
Steve Hackett = Ballad of the Decomposing Man = Spectral Mornings – Chrysalis

Anthony Phillips = Um & Aargh = Sides – passport
Invisible Men= Exocet = Invisible Men – passport
Steve Hackett = Tigermoth = Spectral Mornings – chrysalis

Brand X = Don’t Make Waves = Product – passport
AfroCelt sound system = When You’re Falling = Pod – real world

Kevin Gilbert = Back in NYC= Suppers Ready – magna carta
Annie Haslam = Ripples = Suppers Ready- magna carta
Crack the Sky = I Know What I Like = Suppers Ready – magna carta
Over the Green Wall = Firth of Fifth = Suppers Ready- magna carta

Anthony Phillips = We’re All as we Lie = Wise After the Event – passport
Genesis = Stagnation = Trespass = MCA
Mike Rutherford = Out into the Daylight = Smallcreeps’ Day – passport
Tony Banks = From the Undertow = a Curious Feeling –
Genesis =Dancing with the Moonlit Knight= Selling England by the Pound-Atlantic

Steve Hackett = Star of Sirius = Voyage of the Acolyte – Charisma
Anthony Phillips = Wise After the Event = Wise After the Event – passport
Peter Gabriel =a Wonderful Day in a one Way world= Peter Gabriel 2 –atlantic
Steve Hackett = the Voice of Necam = Please Don’t Touch – charisma
Laurie Anderson = Excellent Birds = Mister Heartbreak- WB
Anthony Phillips =the Geese and the Ghost =the Geese and the Ghost-passport

Next week it's back to the regular fare of everything
I can squeeze into a
circle about

((((((= THIS BIG =))))))))

thanks to KAOS and Olympia.

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