Wednesday, May 17, 2006

5-16-06 Playlist

5-16-06 playlist

11 pm
801 = Sombre’ Reptiles = 801 live – EG
801 = Law and Order = Listen Now –
Eno = Golden Hours = Another Green World – EG
Zvuki Mu = Traffic Policeman = Zvuki Mu – opal
Fru Fru = the Past Lies with robots = Don’t Trust silence – indies records
Yang Ying = River of Tears = Blurring Boundaries – wensar

Paul Simon = Once Upon a Time There was an Ocean = Surprise – WB
Eno = the True Wheel = Taking Tiger Mt. by Strategy = WB
Eno / Cale = Spinning Away = Wrong Way Up = WB
Yoshida Brothers = By This River = Yoshida Brothers III – domo
Yang Ying = Round Midnight = Blurring Boundaries – wensar

Yoshida Brothers = Morricone = Yoshida Brothers III – domo
Mongoloidian Glow = Muffin = 40 and a Nog – MT6

12 midnight
Uriah Heep = the Magicians Birthday = the Magicians Birthday – mercury
Amon Duul II = Merlin = Pyragony X - Castle communications
(Clip from the movie Excalibur)
Rick Wakeman = Merlin the Magician = the Myths of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable – A&M
(Another Excalibur clip)
Mooody Blues = Are You Sitting Comfortably = On the Threshold of a Dream – Deram
Robin Williamson & his Merry Band = 5 Denials on Merlins’ Grave = a Glint at the Kindling – flying fish records

The High Pink Clouds = Giger’s Locomotive = the High Pink Clouds – All 11 records
The High Pink Clouds =We are the High Pink Clouds = the High Pink Clouds – all 11 records
The Legendary Pink dots = Brighter Now = All the Kings Men – Reach out International
1 am

Kraftwerk = Klingklang = Kraftwerk 2 – germanofon
Fripp / Eno = Healthy Colours 1 = the Essential Fripp and Eno – caroline

The KAOS in Wonderland thematic set was going to be Magicians / Wizards but became almost all Merlin songs and I didn't even get into the wizard songs I had lined up so that will be a future theme.... and The first hour was mostly devoted to Eno, the Magician whose birthday was Monday , thanks for the requests, sorry if I didn't get yours on the air. I got more requests for Uriah Heep than I expected. 2 for The Magicians Birthday and 1 for The Wizard.

Next week I'm thinking about "a Trip to the Zoo". Any requests for that theme?

and just a fyi...I haven't been able to access the site building webpage for my main page for a few days. It's getting frustrating, I may need to find another way to host it. I'll be updating as soon as I can. (do you think I should make the address any longer?)


punslinger said...

High Richard! Wish i could have heard your show!Thanks for doing the ENO stuff (how could anyone resist?)
When i read down the playlist and started seeing the magician songs i was expecting to see that magician song on "before and after science"...can't quite remember its' title)
I always loved that Uriah Heep album (almost as much as "Demons and Wizards"-------seeeeeya----punslinger

Richard Sinclair said...

Yes. Before and After Science....which I DON'T HAVE!!! (I do have it on cassette somewhere but forgot about it.) Got a request for The Wizard from demons and wizards. Also The True Wheel was requested by Martha. The Merlin/Magician set was 45 minutes long and I felt like moving on after the Robin Williamson 14 min. song so Wizards will have to wait till I'm in the mood again.