Monday, April 03, 2006

a response to the my weekend

<<>> it's Like this.. <<<<<>>>>>

When the Nazis come to town
--{ka thunk}--
Must be Time to stand up, and turn them around.

--{squishy squishy}--
Time to listen and Time to learn
And teach our children where to turn.

We Stand together with all our differences,
against this common foe.

This wedginess,
--{eek aak squirm}--
And show ourselves to be

what we like to think we are.....

A United, Diverse and Inclusive Community.


Or Conversely,,

What a drag it must be to wake up and think about how to make people hate each other
more effectivly.
'Gee, how can we all get along less well and have really ugly haircuts,
wear ugly brown uniforms and close our minds to every other possiblity? '

(Right. Well no it's not the best piece of prose I've ever written, just what came to mind)

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