Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bleepin' Bloody Hell

Feeling the need to rant and discharge about the pledge drive and what the Smeg went wrong and why can't I get even my friends and family who say they will call in a pledge to actually do that! Sure, they're all a bunch of flakes but What the bloody hell does it take to get pledges after 11 pm folks? Is there really nobody out there? O well. If Nobody out there is listening then I hope Nobody enjoys hearing us beg for support while trying to pull together an enjoyable radio program. Ack and Arrrgh!! aggravating.

On the other hand,Thank you Aerick Duckhugger! Once again you have saved a show from going 2 full hours without a call of support and You Rock. Enjoy your mug and fill it with your favorite elixirs and whatever cosmic concoctions keep you happy. ( I hear one can use such containers for coffee or beer and perhaps even water)

And to finish..I'm going to keep trying to make my show better and play the sort of radio I find entertaining and challenging to produce whether you like it or not. If you tune in you might like it. If you like it please help support the station and the community that makes it possible. ...and stuff like that....%%%***!


Brooks said...

Don't worry!

Pledges are over-rated.

Keep doin' what yr doin'. It rocks.

Richard Sinclair said...

Thanx Brooks, and thanx for the link and all the great musical inspiration.

Brooks said...

Likewise, I'm sure. :)