Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3-28-06 Playlist

3-28-06 playlist

Michael Markus = Maraka Stew = Magbana –
Cyclopsycho = Womanifest = the Voice in My Voice –
Girls in Hawaii = Flavor = from Here to There – Pyramid
Cassandra Wilson = Strike a Match = Thunderbird – EMI
Julian Curwin = March of the Big Shoe = The Tango Saloon – Ipecac
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey = the Spark that Bled = Sameness of the Difference- hyena
Ross and the Hellpets = the Oxygen Bill = Optimism – bouncing space
Yener Korkut = Fallen Soldier = Now Hear this/indie music awards –
Hippie Cream = Beards and Brassiers = Strangers in the Basement –
Why? = Dume Hummer = Rubber Traits – anticon
The Appleseed Cast = Mountain Halo = Peregrine – TMG
Nightmares on Wax = I Am You = In a Space Outta Time – warp
Aki Tsuyuko - (trak 1) - Hokano - Thrill Jockey Records
Band of Horses = the First Song = Everything All the Time – sub pop
Son Volt = Jet Pilot = Okemah & the Melody of Riot – transmit sound
Marco Fernandes = Ready for the Revolution = Voices in the Wilderness – Pax
Kantner/Slick/Freiberg = Flowers of the Night = Baron von Tollbooth vs. the Chrome Nun – grunt
Phil Manzanera = Revolution = 50 Minutes Later - Hannibal
KEN = hiss panic = Stop, Look, Sing songs of Revolution – metropolis
Nina Hagen = Dr. Art = Nunsexmonkrock –Columbia
Bob Marley & the Wailers = Revolution = Natty Dread – tuff gong
T.Rex = Children of the Revolution = Tanx – edsel
GT = Revolution = Revolution – Cottage records
Adrian Belew = Inner Revolution = Inner Revolution – atlantic
Children of the Revolution = children of the revolution = Chapter 1 – world Music 2000
Zdrastvootie = vrans ii = Zdrastvootie 2 – holy mountain
Vocokesh = the Holy Mountain = the Tenth Corner = strange attractors audio house
Cyclopsycho = Cyclopsycho = the Voice in My Voice –
Patrick Elkins = Fruit of the Spirits = Fruits of the Spirit – we’re twins
Patrick Elkins = Suicide Muffins = Fruits of the Spirit – we’re twins

It started off as a moody and rather dark show and grew into something more or less downbeat with quirky highlights until the KAOSinWonderland set which was more energized. It's always interesting to go back and listen to the recording of a show because while I'm programming the music I'm trying to keep track of things and decide what music comes next and taking the occasional phone call, logging psa's and promo's checking email's (on the freekin' smeg for brains Mac in the studio)-----( Note to self...don't play too many short songs in the first set unless they are all written down ahead of time, it's gets too complicated to log them on the run.)---
So it's Nice to just sit back and listen to the way it happened after the fact so I can actually hear and enjoy the music. On the other hand that abrupt change between Children of the Revolution and Zdratsvootie was about as ruff a change as I can recall subjecting anyone to in quite a while. Sorry if I sucked the Groove right out of your Dance with that one. Sometimes those little suprizes are great, but sometimes not :]

I really like this Cyclopsycho disc Ashley!!

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