Wednesday, April 06, 2011

4-5-11 Live sets with Romanteek and Tartufi


  • Romanteek interview.
  • Romanteek Live set relayed from the The Greenery at TESC.
  • Luigee Trademarq = Jeunes et Jolies = Bande Original = rectangle international.
  • Tartufi interview.
  • Tartufi Live from the Greenery at TESC.

  • Gamma Like Very Ultra = Kevin’s Eletronique = Gamma Like Very Ultra = face train.
  • The Nels Cline Singers = Confection = draw breath = cryptographone.
  • Ulaan Khol = track 5 = II = soft abuse.
  • The Asteroid No.4 = Wicked Wire = Hail to the Clear Figurines = keep music evil.
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