Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5-22-07 playlsit

and this is how it really went down.

5-22-07 playlist
Billy Cobham = Ozone pt.1 = drum ‘n’ voice 2 - Nicolosi Prod It.
Mokhtar Al Said = Tabla solo = Bellydance Café – rough guide.
The Architect Sketch = Corinthia(there’s always hope) =Lucky Sevens – .
Hippie Cream = Carriage Ride in Hell = In Your Ear – self released.
The Boggs = Little Windows = Forts – GIGANTIC MUSIC.
Planet Andy = Polka My Eye = Lucky Sevens – .

Alec K Redfearn & the eyesores = the Perforated Veil = the blind spot – cuneiform rec.
Alec K Redfearn & the eyesores = Queen of the Wires = the blind spot – cuneiform rec.
Sophie Lux = Stella = Waking the Mytics – zarathustra rec.
Fursaxa = Drinking wine in Yarrow = Alone in the Dark Woods – .
Kinkzoid = half past forever = the Book of Pages – Mook rec.
Strategy = Future Rock = Future Rock – kranky rec.
Battles = Atlas = Mirrored – warp rec.

12am (visions of the Future from the past)
Attilio Mineo = Gayway to Heaven = man in Space w/ Sounds – subliminal sounds.
Todd Rundgren = Future = Liars – sanctuary rec.
Attilio Mineo = Mile a Minute Monorail = man in Space w/ Sounds – subliminal sounds.
Bill Nelson = Train with Fins = Atom Shop – discipline us.
Be Bop Deluxe = Life in the Air Age = Raiding the Divine Archive – harvest/capitol.
Irwin Allen = The Time Tunnel = the Cult Files: re opened. – silva screen rec.
Dukes of Stratosphere = What in the World = Chips from the Chocolate Fireball – virgin.
Peter Hammill = the Future Now = Room Temperature Live – enigma rec.

Vagabond Opera = Swells and Bells = Vagabond Opera – .
Vagabond Opera = The Transformation into Marlene = vagabond opera - “
The Architect Sketch = Going Out with Girls is Fun = lucky sevens mp3- .
Small Sails = Somnambulist = similar anniversaries – other electricities .
Trolls Cottage = Trollarrival = Everyone Walks at a different pace – self released.
M.F. Lunch and the little cotton woolies = Amphibian pt.1 = MF Lunch and the little cotton woolies – self released.

Played a few things from an upcoming free download virtual album on called Lucky Sevens. I'm certain to be finding more there to play for you... Or you could go there and find stuff you think I should know about and clue me in. Between us we could discover and share even more curious and wonderous music for the ears of the world and that's why I'm on the radio!


Sarah said...

The Boggs are on Gigantic Music

Richard Sinclair said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I'll have to fire my secretary...sheez, if ya want anything done right ya just have to.... . . . . 8)

Richard Sinclair said...

error corrected, thanks for noticing.